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Chocolate Tofu Pie Recipe


Silken Tofu
1 Pounds
Cocoa powder
1/2 Cups
White Sugar
1 Cups
Vanilla Extract
1 Tablespoons
Cider Vinegar
1/2 Teaspoons
Graham cracker crust
9-inch (prepared)

Preparation mode:

1) Preheat the oven to 190 C/ 375 F.

2) Place tofu in a food processor and blend it well until it becomes quite smooth.

3) Then add sugar, cocoa, vinegar, and vanilla in the food processor and blend well for about 2 minutes so that the mixture becomes quite smooth.

4) Pour the mixture over the prepared graham cracker crust.

5) Place the crust in the preheated oven and bake for about 25 minutes.

6) Then let the pie refrigerate for an hour before you serve this amazing chocolate tofu pie.


Looking for some thick and creamy vegan dessert? Well, I have an option for you. Chocolate Tofu Pie is a creamy vegan dessert that doesn’t feature any dairy product and is a perfect treat to the taste buds. Cocoa powder, tofu, and vinegar’s combination is sure to please everyone who is in love with vegan desserts. Do serve this dessert on any of your favorite occasions and I am sure even the non-vegans are going to love it due to its perfectly creamy texture. You can get to prepare it in just about 40 minutes or so.