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Coconut Cream Recipe


Coconut milk
14 Ounces
White Sugar
2 Tablespoons
or to taste
Vanilla Extract
1 Teaspoons

Preparation mode:

1) Place the coconut milk in a can and put it in a refrigerator for about 8 hours.

2) Then place a metal mixing bowl and beaters in a freezer for an hour before you go on to make cream.

3) Open the can of the milk but do make sure that you don’t shake it. Transfer the coconut cream solids to a cold mixing bowl. Do set aside the remaining liquid for future use.

4) Now remove the chilled beaters from the freezer and beat the coconut cream on medium speed and then increase the speed to high; beat for about 8 minutes so that you are able to see stiff peaks.

5) Add vanilla extract and sugar in the coconut cream and beat it for another minute; taste the cream for sweetness and add more sugar in required.

6) A perfect vegan dessert, coconut cream, is ready to be served.


Vegan desserts are not only popular among the vegetarians but also among the non-vegans. Coconut cream is a perfectly creamy dessert that doesn’t feature any dairy product. An important thing which I do need to mention is that only use organic coconut milk in the recipe for the best texture and flavor.  This cream may be used as a frosting or in any other way as desired; believe it or not, one of my vegan friends Paul does enjoy it plain. He is so fond of this cream that he always keeps a can of coconut milk in the fridge so that he always has an option to come up with this perfect cream. If the cream seems quite plain to you, you may add almond extract, pumpkin pie spice, or citrus zest. Do use the cream readily, or if you intend to use it later, do transfer it to a glass container and place the container in a refrigerator for about 3 days or so.