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Corned Beef for Sandwiches Recipe


Corned Beef Briskets
2 packets of 3 pounds each
24 fluid ounce
Bay Leaves
1/4 Cups
Peeled and Chopped

Preparation mode:

1) Add the corned beef briskets to a large pot filled with water.

2) Add one of the spice packets that came with the briskets.

3) Stir in the beer and mix well with the water and spice mixture.

4) Throw in the peppercorns, garlic cloves and bay leaves. Spread throughout.

5) Boil the mixuture for about 15 minutes time over moderate-high flame.

6) Once boiled, turn the flame down to moderate-low and leave to cook for around 4 hours time. ( Keep checking every hour and dont be afraid to add more water if its level reaches below the beef. The water level should always be higher than the beef)

7) Set up the boiled beef on a cutting platter and leave to cool for about 10 minutes time.

8) Shred the beef once it has cooled. Use with your favorite sandwich fillings and buns.


The beef filling prepared in this Corned Beef for Sandwiches Recipe makes one of the best ever party sandwiches. The recipe cooks the beef using a slow cooker which means you are in for a super tender meat treat fill of juicy flavors. Serve inside your favorite buns or rolls and enjoy!