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Hot Fudge Sauce Recipe


1 Ounces
1/2 Cups
1/2 Teaspoons
White Sugar
3 Cups
Evaporated Milk
12 Ounces
Fl. Oz.

Preparation mode:

1) Half fill the lower pot of a double boiler with water and allow the water to boil over heat.

2) Place chocolate, salt, and butter in the upper pot of the boiler and allow the mixture to melt down.

3) Add half a cup of sugar in each batch, and keep adding until you add all the sugar. Do stir well after you add each batch.

4) Add evaporated milk gradually and mix well until it is well incorporated.

5) Serve this hot fudge sauce over your favorite ice cream, cake, or pie.

6) Store the hot fudge sauce in a refrigerator and reheat it in a microwave oven before using.


I have been recently trying making a number of fudge sauces so that I could have an ample stock of them at my home. A very fine day, I tried making this sauce and the experiment worked great. I did try the recipe again and the result was equally great. Chocolate, combined with milk and butter, give it the taste you are always looking for. Most people love it serving over ice creams but you can also try serving it over cheesecakes and other such desserts.