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Lemon Yogurt Dip Recipe


Greek Yogurt
1 1/2 Cups
Granular Sweetener
1/3 Cups
zested and juiced

Preparation mode:

1) Place yogurt in a bowl and add lemon juice in it.

2) Mix well and then add lemon zest in it.

3) Then add granular sweetener in it and stir well.

4) Serve this lemon yogurt dip with a main dish.


Yogurt dips are great to have with main dishes as they greatly enhance the taste of the meal. Lemon yogurt dip is a tangy combination of yogurt and lemon, which can be served with main dishes. On the other hand, some people also love to have this dip with tangy fruits such as strawberries. For sweetness, I add low-calorie sweetener, but you may also use honey or unrefined cane sugar for this purpose. Get to prepare this tangy dip in just about 10 minutes or so.