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Tofu Pumpkin Pie Recipe


Silken Tofu
10 1/2 Ounces
Pumpkin Puree
16 Ounces
White Sugar
3/4 Cups
1/2 Teaspoons
1/2 Teaspoons
1/2 Teaspoons
1/4 Teaspoons
Pie Crust
9-inch, unbaked

Preparation mode:

1) Prepare the oven by flaming it up to 230 C/ 450 F.

2) Place the tofu in a blender and add clove, pumpkin, ginger, sugar, cinnamon, and salt in it. Blend the mixture until it is quite smooth.

3) Now pour the tofu puree over the pie crust.

4) Place the pie crust in the preheated oven and bake for about 15 minutes; then reduce the temperature of the oven to 175 C/ 350 F.

5) Bake for another 40 minutes so that the baking is quite well done; make sure a teaser poked in the center of the pie and make sure it comes out clean.

6) Let the pie cool down and then serve the tofu pumpkin pie.


Traditional pumpkin pie is simply great! So, why not give it a different touch and add tofu in it; thick and creamy, tofu pumpkin pie is a perfect treat to the taste buds. If it’s too thick and creamy for you, do reduce the amount of sugar by half and add some light sweetener instead. Though it takes about two hours to get ready, but the fact is that it’s so tasty that you are not going to make it time and again.